Five easy ways to keep your dog happy

You want to keep your dog happy. Of course you do! They deserve it, after all. They’re loyal and love spending time with their pet parents. So finding ways to keep them happy is definitely important.

But it doesn’t have to consist of grand gestures of affection, expensive toys or steak dinners—it can be something as simple as taking time to give them your undivided attention. We see our pets as our hairy children, so it definitely pays to treat them like the big babies they are. Let's not forget all those funny things dogs do either.

Here are a few easy things you can do to keep your dog happy…


1. Spend quality time

This one may seem simple, but our pooches absolutely love to know that they are loved. By taking time to play a favorite game, run around with them, have a wrestle or just give them a big cuddle—even if it's on the sofa while watching TV—can really strengthen your relationship. 


2. Exercise

More active breeds will need a lot of exercise to keep them stimulated and healthy, so taking them out for multiple walks a day is sure to keep them happy throughout the day. You may wish to walk to an open space and play lots of games of fetch (which is both tiring and fun for them!) or maybe take them on a run. If your dog needs less exercise, then taking them out for shorter walks is still a great way for them to stay fit and explore their surroundings. 


3. Try new games

Fetch is an easy way to keep your dog entertained in short bursts and they usually absolutely love it! It might be fun to try and introduce some other games to prevent them from getting bored. A good example is hide and seek, which is also a great way to work on their recall. By making them sit and then finding a place to hide, you’re stimulating their brain and giving them something different to do! You could also hide treats around the house on a rainy day to see how many they can sniff out. 


4. Switch their toys regularly

By changing their toys, your dog will enjoy more of a variety and it should help them with boredom. These could be a variety of toys that all serve different purposes, such as a pulley toy for a game of tug of war, or a Kong which you can stuff with treats. 


5. Try not to leave them for long periods of time

Being left alone for long periods of time could cause them unnecessary stress and may enable them to develop separation anxiety. There are some tell-tale signs your dog is stressed but remember, getting a dog is a huge responsibility, so if you know you are going to be away from your house for hours at a time then it’s a good idea to set up a strong support network. Introduce your dog to people you trust to ensure they build a relationship with them. You could then ask these people to check in on your pup so they’re not experiencing long periods of separation.