8 Valentine’s ideas for your dogs
Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love and friendships, so why not celebrate it with man’s best friend? After all, your dog is the most loyal companion you’ll ever have who shows you unconditional love every single day! We’ve rounded up 8 Valentine’s ideas for your dog to show them just how much you love them too.

1. Enjoy a Fido film night

We’re a nation of animal lovers, so there’s plenty of movies to choose from with dogs as the star character. Lassie, Marley & Me, Hachiko, Turner & Hooch, Bolt and Homeward Bound, just to name a few. You’ll definitely feel more grateful for your furry friend after some of those tear-jerkers, and even if your dog doesn’t enjoy watching the TV, they’ll definitely love having a snuggle on the sofa with you. If you’re feeling particularly cozy, you could even watch all 8 films of the Beethoven franchise. 

2. Take your pooch to their favorite spot for a long walk

Simple, but effective. The highlight of a dog’s day is usually when their pet parent grabs a lead and says “WALKIES”. Any chance to explore the outside world will get their nose twitching but you know your dog better than anyone, so take them to the place they really love. Maybe it’s chasing the ducks at your nearby pond or a local dog park where they’ll meet their poochy pals. Or perhaps your dog loves a road trip and a big adventure. Wherever they want to go, enjoy a long walk with your best friend and a chance to stretch your legs.

3. Book a dog-friendly hotel stay

Fancy spending Valentine’s Day somewhere different? You don’t have to leave Fido at home.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog-friendly hotels, camping sites and restaurants across the US, so you can bring your best friend along for the adventure. Plenty of attractions will also allow a furry plus one which means everyone involved can enjoy a romantic day out.  Besides, it’s not just pet parents who need a break from everyday life!

4. Arrange a playdate for your dog

Is your puppy missing his brothers and sisters? Or maybe your dog lives on their own because having two pups just isn’t possible. Why not set up a play date so they can let off some steam? Dogs are pack animals so they love nothing more than to socialize and play with new furry friends.  

5. Prepare their favorite meal

Whether it’s roast chicken, juicy steak, or a fish filet that gets your dog salivating, cook their ultimate dinner and watch their eyes light up. After all, the way to a dog’s heart is usually through their stomach. There might even be some Valentine’s themed treats at your local pet store for dessert.

6. Treat them to a new toy

If you’d rather give your dog a present, we’re sure they would appreciate a new toy and some quality time to play tug-of-war with you.  Ropes, tennis balls, squeaky toys, soft toys, something to chew - the choice is endless. If you’re not sure what they’d love to see wrapped up, take your dog to a pet store and let them choose for themselves! 

7. Buy your pooch a new outfit

Ok, so you can’t exactly buy your dog some romantic lingerie… but you can still spruce up their wardrobe!  Doggy coats are an ever-popular item which will be great for those rainy walks, while a cooling vest or protective boots could be ideal for pets living in hot weather. For something a bit more fun, try a hat or glasses, as long as your dog enjoys playing dress-up, of course. Matching outfits for you and your dog could also make a cute Valentine’s gift (and photo).

8. Plan a themed photoshoot

The sky's the limit with this Valentine’s idea for your dog. You can either plan something at home which is low-cost and easy to arrange, or hire a professional and head to a fancy location. If you’re opting for the easiest route, take some cute selfies with your dog using a Valentine’s themed filter. Or take a normal photo and use an editing app to add some romantic stickers, effects, and text.  For the next step up, stage a photoshoot at home with some Valentine’s themed props which could include a cute doggy outfit, a sign saying “I love you” or “Will you be my Valentine?” and something for the background like a heart printed blanket. Or you could just hire a photographer and let them organize everything!