ManyPets first launched in Britain back in 2012 under the name of BoughtByMany, aiming to fix all the stuff that pet parents didn’t like about pet insurance. The company only entered the US pet insurance space in 2021, but has quickly become one of the major players in the market.

Having insured over half a million pets around the world since 2017, ManyPets’s team of global employees is made up of pet parents who know what it’s like to live with all the joy and occasional stress of having cats and dogs. Flexibility is ManyPets’s calling card, as you can customize your copay and deductibles until you find the right plan. 

One of the other major selling points with ManyPets is how it views pre-existing conditions. Many insurers don’t cover pre-existing conditions, but if your pet has remained symptom-free for 18 months, then ManyPets will. 

FACT! In between launching in the UK and US, Many Pets became available to pet parents in Sweden.

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We’re fans of how you can tailor ManyPets’ plans to suit your needs and budget in an uncomplicated way. Prices are competitive but bear in mind the lack of a telehealth service.
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