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Welcome to Petted, the fastest growing name in one of the fastest growing markets in the US—pet insurance.

We’re the biggest pet insurance comparison service in the US, and we work with most trusted providers including Healthy Paws, Lemonade, Trupanion, Pets Best, Embrace and more to provide coverage options for over 1.2 million pets every year.

Think of us as Expedia for pet insurance, where pet parents save time and money (an average of $171 each year) by comparing all the providers in one place.

Traditionally, a lack of awareness around pet insurance has made it a low penetration product. This is changing rapidly. As insurance providers begin to offer more, and at the same time higher-quality solutions, and with the massive increase in pet ownership in recent years, the market is now growing by around 30% per year.

We’re always happy to work with partners we think could be a great fit for our affiliate and white label pet insurance programs. If your website is a great source of pet parents (it almost certainly is) and you want to generate an income from pet insurance, and improve pet welfare in the process, then maybe you could be another ideal partner for us.

Here’s why our no-risk, no-cost affiliate and white label programs, not to mention our range of bespoke solutions, make such great sense for your business…

A unique customer experience

As an independent and unbiased comparison service, we’re not restricted to promoting the services of one pet insurance provider. There’s no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to pet insurance, which can make finding the right one a lengthy and complex process. But less than a minute spent filling in a short quote form embedded on your site and visitors get plans and prices from many leading providers, including Trupanion, Petplan, and Pets Best. They simply click through to their chosen provider, add more pets if they wish, and complete the buying process.

Two great options for you: affiliate and white label

It’s not just your customers who get a great choice, with brands able to join us as a regular affiliate or opt for a fully customized white label service, depending on size.

For regular affiliates, we provide a selection of widgets that let your customers click through directly to certain insurers or compare plans from our partners. These widgets can sit alongside bespoke content explaining the benefits of pet insurance (or anything else pet-related). This content can be written by you or our expert team of pet parents. Have a look at this example from our affiliate partners at US News:

Bigger brands can choose the white label service. This features a landing page built to match your brand identity, with quote forms and bespoke content that fits seamlessly with its look and feel. We use the colors, logos and design guidelines you specify, so that visitors can get pet insurance quotes without feeling like they’re leaving your site. This usually leads to an increase in conversions because your customers already trust your brand. Just ask Forbes Advisor, who have seen conversions go up dramatically since introducing this page:

Excellent returns—for free

Let’s address the f-word first: free. There is no financial cost to you in joining our affiliate or white label programs. The potential rewards, however, are huge. You get a great revenue stream from monetizing pet-related content and, importantly, help spread the message of pet insurance, meaning that more pets live longer and healthier lives.

Because we have such a wide choice of insurance plans to choose from, we convert more quotes into policies than any other company—meaning you can earn more with Petted. And as we’re fully licensed in all 50 States, with no restrictions, it’s as close to a ‘no lose’ situation as you can get.

We do everything we can to help you succeed as a partner, because we share in your success—and so do the pets who get insured. So, as well as building a landing page and taking care of the tech behind it, we also offer the following support:

Custom content

Our elite content team can provide you with all kinds of promotional material, from banner ads to social posts to content tailored specifically for your brand in your tone voice. This could be informative articles, amusing lists, shareable videos, or anything in between. It could simply be content explaining this fabulous service and educating customers on why pet insurance is a must for all pet parents. The choice is yours.

Petted Banners

Dedicated real-time technical support

We have a team whose job is to look after all our affiliate partners, providing 24/7 support to address any issues should they arise.

Smart data reporting and tracking

Data is currency, so you can think of our unique real-time reporting platform as an additional source of revenue. Custom-built by us, it’s been developed and refined to give our clients every level of detail they need to monitor and analyze performance. It can track quotes by location, breed and pet age, with an easy-to-use interface that gives a comprehensive view of quotes and revenue generated in any configuration and any time frame you want.

Reporting Platform

Dedication to a cause

We know that your company isn’t driven purely by profit—and neither are we. Yes, the potential financial returns for our affiliates are huge, but by contributing to our mission of getting every pet in the US insured, so are the social benefits. By providing a pet insurance comparison service, you’ll help educate people and improve animal welfare. Every single policy sold can enhance and potentially save the life of a much-loved pet. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some brands we partner with


Forbes Advisor Logo

One of our key partners, Forbes Advisor, uses our white label service and their strong brand trust to get incredible results. Using a ‘Best Of’ page (see below/above), bespoke pet-related content, and the Petted quote engine, the site outperforms the pet insurance market in terms of conversions.

When we started working with Forbes, from brief to launch, we completed the project in a little over a month. That’s impressive enough, but we can get our white label service live for clients in as little as 7 days, depending on the level of customization.


Wag! Logo


Wag! Case Study

Wag was one of our first partners, and after they reached out to us, we soon began building their pages. We created them an engine that communicates with all insurance company APIs, converting what it finds into a user-friendly comparison experience. This method also covers all US licensing, so Wag has no red tape to get through.


US News Logo

The US News site is a great example of a regular affiliate partnership. They requested three widgets: a ‘Popular Pet Insurance Plan’ widget that stays in place as the user scrolls, a widget to find the best quote for your pet, and one to compare pet insurance companies.

Widgets give brands the ability to monetize directly as well as, or instead of, the quote process. Many can be CPC-based, which is why we’ve developed a range of widgets to meet companies’ different requirements. The quote form widget is monetized through completed quotes or a CPA revenue share.


Interested in partnering with us?

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Interested in partnering with us?