Nationwide has been in the insurance business since 1925, so it’s fair to say that it knows what it’s doing! It began providing pet insurance in 2009 and prides itself in offering multiple plans, including its Whole Pet with Wellness plan, which is possibly the most comprehensive on the market.

Customer service is also highly rated – as you can see from the average review score. The company can be contacted in several ways and the team is friendly and knowledgeable. For medical queries there’s a 24/7 telehealth feature that allows customers to contact a vet whenever they have worries about their pet’s health.

The premiums aren’t the cheapest, but there’s a 5% multi-pet discount and an additional discount for people who have other kinds of plans with Nationwide. Its Pet Rx Express service also helps save money – members get preferred pricing on prescriptions at Walmart and Sam’s Club, and the claim can be processed at the pharmacy counter.

FACT! Nationwide has been in the insurance business since 1925

Founded in





Columbus, Ohio

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Nearly 90 years of insurance know-how and some exceptionally comprehensive coverage options appeal, but long specialist waiting times and lack of end-of-life expenses less so.
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