It might be the newest name in pet insurance, but Paw Protect is one of the best options around. The reason? Well, 59% of Americans say they can’t afford to pay an unexpected bill of $500 or more – so how on earth would many people be able to pay a big vet bill up-front until their claim is paid back?

That’s where Paw Protect comes in. It’s the only pet insurance provider that gives customers the option of using a $2,000 interest-free line of credit so they can pay vet bills up-front, rather than having to front up their own money. 

But this is only one reason why Paw Protect is such a great option for pet lovers. They’re so happy with anyone having more than one pet they’ll give you 10% off any additional pet policy, and not only will they reward you for having more animals in your life, they’ll reduce your deductible by $50 every year you don’t make a claim. They’ll also give you about $25 every year if you decide to take out a wellness plan with them, and give you a 5% discount if you’re an active or former member of the military.

If it all sounds too good to be true, give them a call – they have a telehealth line that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FACT! Paw Protect is underwritten by Embrace Pet Insurance.

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Not being able to pay a vet bill up-front is one of the biggest problems in pet insurance - which is why Paw Protect is such a game-changer.
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