Embrace is known for being an affordable insurer that still offers lots of options. But don’t just take our word for it: Embrace was voted top for pet insurance in Forbes’ list of Best Insurance Companies 2022, and is also highly rated by sites like Consumers Advocate and Investopedia. 

The company prides itself in covering an array of services such as cancer treatments, dental issues and genetic conditions, but if you’re not looking for a package that covers the full works, then Embrace can also help. It offers a great accident-only service – perfect for those with older pups with pre-existing conditions. Additionally, for every year you don’t use your deductible, it decreases by $50 – great if you’re looking to save some cash!

Plans can be customized, with five annual limits and deductibles to choose from, as well as three reimbursement amounts. Additionally, Embrace’s wellness plan covers stuff like exam fees, vaccinations and grooming.

FACT! Since it started, Embrace has donated over half a billion dollars to charity

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Easy to use and with a comprehensive standard plan that offers good value, Embrace also has a high pay-out rate. This and the annually diminishing deductible make it a very attractive option.
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