Pumpkin is a great option for all your pet insurance needs. It offers an extensive accident and illness plan, as well as the option to add wellness coverage. Plus, it has an unlimited annual coverage option for your fur baby.

Aside from the regular waiting periods you see with most insurers, Pumpkin doesn’t have an extended waiting period for things like knee conditions and hip dysplasia. This means that your pup is covered if they start displaying any symptoms of these injuries after the regular waiting period.

This insurer also loves a multi-pet household! If you have more than one dog or cat, you can get an extra 10% off pet insurance for adding another policy. Pumpkin has many options available for pet parents, from low deductibles to high reimbursement rates.

FACT! Pumpkin covers curable pre-existing conditions as long as your pet has stayed 180 days treatment-free

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No upper age limits or breed exclusions make Pumpkin one of the most inclusive providers. The plans are comprehensive, too, with a flat 90% reimbursement rate and easy claims. No app or 24/7 helpline, though.
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