Figo has won some high praise for its pet insurance plans. It was rated 2021’s Best Pet Insurance by CNET, Best 100% Coverage that same year by Money, and Best Insurance and Tech 2017-’21 by Reviews.com. Their Pet Cloud app is super-simple to use and has lots of great features, like the ability to search for things like pet parks, hikes, and pet-friendly restaurants in your area. 

Figo says that most claims are dealt with in 2.6 days or less, and they also have a way around the thorny issue of pre-existing conditions, which usually aren’t covered by pet insurance.  Instead, if the condition is thought to be curable and your pet hasn’t shown any symptoms in the 12 months since their last treatment, your policy could cover it. There’s also 24/7 live vet chat – always a handy feature.

FACT! Figo is one of the only pet insurers to offer a 100% reimbursement option

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We like Figo’s plans’ flexibility, ease of use and its social element, which allows pet parents to connect with each other. Be aware that deductible choices decrease as your pet ages.
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