Launched in 2005, Pets Best can actually be traced back to 1981. That’s when the company’s founder, veterinarian Dr Jack Stephens, started America’s first ever pet insurance company. His aim was simple: make sure US pet parents are prepared for any unexpected vet bills that might come their way. 

These days, Pets Best is one of the most trusted pet insurance providers around, with consistently strong customer reviews. Forbes Advisor rates Pets Best as a 5-star pet insurance company – not an easy award to win – and the company has now insured over half a million dogs and cats in America. 

Their prices are very competitive, and with features such as 24/7 pet telehealth as standard on their choice of three plans, pet parents can be assured that Pets Best is a super trustworthy choice for insurance.

FACT! In its first 10 years, Pets Best paid out over $100 million in claims

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Boise, Idaho

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We like the flexibility and customization of Pets Best’s range of pet insurance plans – there’s something for everyone. It’s a shame doesn’t cover parasitic infections or preventative treatments.
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