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We all love the funny things that dogs do. Here are seven classics!

Life isn’t boring when you have a dog! There are so many little quirks our pups have that make us fall over laughing... while questioning their sanity at the same time. We’ve listed our favorite funny things that dogs do here at Petted.

Getting the zoomies

Possibly the funniest thing that dogs do? These random bursts of excitement that make them run up and down and spin around in circles, more commonly known as the ‘zoomies’, are always amusing. As long as your pup is in a safe environment where they have enough room to let out all their energy, it can be great to watch.

Being scared of their own reflection

Some pups have absolutely no self-awareness, but the ones that do can provide you with some quality entertainment. For example, they may have discovered their own reflection, whether that’s by looking in a mirror or in a clear puddle on a walk. They may be hesitant to approach their reflection, mistaking it for another dog (who is copying their exact movements). Ensure your dog doesn't get stressed out by this and instead remains relaxed, and reward them for approaching their reflection. It’s a learning curve.

Interacting with inanimate objects

Have you ever been on a walk with your pooch and they randomly start barking at your neighbor’s garden gnome? Some pups get confused and can’t distinguish what is and isn’t real. It’s even funnier when they want the object – gnome/plant pot/dog statue – to play a game with them. If they become intimidated by these objects then try and build their confidence by showing them that they are not a threat and reward them for being brave.

Communicating with animals they see on TV

Your pup can get quite startled when they see another furry friend pop up on the TV screen, as they may think that they are in the room with them. Your dog may decide to bark at them, run around or may even drop their dog toy in front of them expecting to play. Most dogs realise that the other dog on the TV isn’t actually in their living room, while others may sit staring at them for hours.


One of the cutest as well as funniest things dogs do is make funny little movements when dreaming. These vary from little eye twitches to big running motions like they are trying to chase their friend in a dog park. Sometimes they even make little noises like they are speaking – it’s very cute and quite comical!

Chasing their tail

Tail-chasing is a very stereotypical dog behavior that is often very funny to watch. They may not realise that their tail is part of their body, so they try and hunt it down like it’s their toy. Although this is often a playful behavior, it can sometimes be an indicator that your pup is stressed and may need some extra attention, so it’s best to be mindful of this if it becomes excessive. 

Having a conversation

Some dogs just love a good chat. Some pups love to communicate with their owners by making funny noises – such as whining or a quiet barking sound – to simulate a conversation. Huskies are notorious for this, as they always have something to say about everything. So if you have a particularly vocal dog, definitely expect some backchat!