6 best movie dogs

We all know that animals are the heroes of every story. Here are the six best movie dogs

Few things are certain in life, but here’s one: if a movie features a dog, then the dog will be the star, no matter what their role. They’ll be cute, funny, brave, loyal. Ok, the odd one will be a literal hellhound but even then they usually look cool. We’ve listed six of our favorite movie pooches–and the one that terrifies us the most. Remember, these are the best movie dogs, not necessarily the best dog movies, though some definitely fit into that category.


The most famous and heroic movie dog? We think so. Lassie’s been saving the day in books since 1859 (in British writer Elizabeth Gaskell's short story ‘The Half Brothers’ she saves two boys from a snowstorm) and in films and TV shows since ‘Lassie Come Home’ in 1943. If you’re a young kid trapped in an abandoned mine shaft, then this quick-witted Rough Collie’s your girl. 


‘Marley & Me’ – words that will instantly have any pet parent sobbing like a hungry infant. Yes, the end is very, very sad (add more verys depending on how badly it hit you), but throughout the rest of the movie, that gorgeous golden Labrador reminds of everything we love – and frustrates us – about dogs and, excuse the cheese, what they teach us about ourselves and life. (And the need for pet insurance!)


Sorry, Dorothy and Scarecrow. Move over, Tin Man and Lion. There’s only one hero in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and he’s a Cairn Terrier (played by a female called Terry). Who fetches help when Dorothy is trapped by the Wicked Witch of West? Toto. Who pulls back the curtain to expose the bogus Wizard? Toto. Basically, without that dog, Dorothy wouldn’t have happily clicked her heels back to Kansas.


Just reading about Hachi can trigger the waterworks, but watching ‘A Dog’s Tale’ or the original Japanese film ‘Hachikō Monogatari’ is like unplugging the Hoover Dam. Based on a true story about a loving Akita who waited every day at a train station for his master, even years after he died, Hachi is the ultimate example of a dog’s bond with humans. 


Watching ‘Turner & Hooch’ makes you wonder why most buddy cop movies feature two humans. An accidental coupling after Hooch’s owner is murdered, the big, brilliant Bordeaux Mastiff not only makes his new pal/partner/pet parent’s life more exciting, he makes him a better cop and a better person. As with too many dogs on this list, it doesn’t end well for Hooch, but the brave boy gives his life to save Turner’s.


Without doubt the smartest hound on this list. In fact, you could argue that Wallace is the pet in this relationship, with the eccentric inventor utterly reliant on his genius dog for, well, everything. Gromit cooks for him, cleans, probably does his tax return. He also gets him out of hot water countless times. We often say, ‘If only dogs could talk,’ but it’s probably best for Wallace that Gromit can’t.

They're the best movie dogs, here's the worst…


Like so many modern nightmares, Cujo comes from the creepy imagination of Stephen King. This amiable St Bernard, after being bitten by a rabid bat, turns into a killer intent on ending a dysfunctional family. You can’t hate Coju – it’s the rabies that drives him mad and the family is kind of annoying – but the fact that he’s so adorable and yet so lethal makes him all the more terrifying. Fun fact: Danny Pintauro, who plays the young boy Tad Trenton in ‘Cujo’, is now a vet tech in Austin, Texas.

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