Calculate how long it’d take to save for vet treatments—you’ll be surprised!

“Should I get pet insurance or save for vet bills?” It’s a popular question. If you put money in a savings account and your pet never gets sick, you’ll be sitting on a very tidy sum that could pay for that new set of wheels or Paris vacation. Whereas insurance is dead money, right?

The thing is, if you choose to save instead of getting pet insurance, it could prove a very expensive gamble. Vet bills aren’t cheap and the alternative to paying them is… well, let’s not go there.

To highlight the issue, we’ve built this clever calculator where you can work out how long it would take you to save for all kinds of vet treatments, depending on how much you save every week or month.

Pet Treatment Calculator

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If you saved [$65] a [month] it would take you

to save up enough money to cover your pet’s treatment for [Bone Infection (Osteomyelitis)], which is an average [$5,527] to treat

Pet insurance starts from around $25/month for a dog or cat or $10/month for a puppy or kitten.

For example, an X-ray can cost up $250 while emergency surgery could hit you for $5,000 or cancer treatment for over $10,000. And that’s before we get to wellness checks, dental care, spaying and neutering, worming and all the regular costs of keeping your pet healthy.

So, say you save $50 a month (the average pet insurance premium is $40). And say your furry friend gets sick, with surgery costing $3,000. At an insanely generous annual interest rate of 2% and ignoring those regular costs, it would take you four years and 10 months to save that $3,000. If your pet is two years old when they get sick, what do you do?

Ask yourself what you can afford to save. Then ask yourself, ‘Can I afford not to insure my pet? Pet insurance and wellness plans cover most medical bills that are likely to land in front of you. Rather than dead money, we think you’re buying peace of mind.

*According to the FDIC, the average annual interest rate for a savings account on 20 September 2021 was 0.06%

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