Why do dogs fart? And other dog fart questions…

Dog farts are the most (in)famous – and hilarious – farts on Earth. Here’s everything you need to know about them

Dog farts. We’ve all experienced them. They can be next-level smelly. It’s why the classic ‘blaming your farts on the dog’ is so hard to pass off – you’d need some seriously worrying internal happenings to rival a canine butt odor.

But why do dogs fart? Why do dog farts smell so bad? Can you stop dogs from farting? Why are dog farts nearly always silent? These are some of the great scientific questions of the age – and we have the answers. Mostly.

Why do dogs fart?

Dogs fart for the same reason humans fart. As the body digests certain foods, it produces a gas called hydrogen sulfide. This gas gets trapped in the intestinal tract and the only way to release it is to let one rip.

Some dogs can be a bit windier because they swallow a lot of air – commonly dogs that eat or drink quickly or short-nosed brachycephalic breeds. This trapped air also needs to be expelled with a little guff.

Can you stop dogs farting?

Farting is generally a normal thing that occurs in healthy dogs. However, if you think your dog is farting too much or the stench is unbearable, it might signal a gastric problem – and discomfort for your dog – and you should speak to your vet.

Potential gastric conditions include cancer, pancreatitis, canine colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), parasites, and inflammatory bowel disease. Some of these can be fatal, so treat your dog’s trouser coughs seriously.

Why do dog farts smell so bad?

Dog farts can smell bad for any number of reasons. It might be a medical issue like those listed above, or perhaps they have an allergy or intolerance of certain foods that you’ll need to remove from their diet.

Another major cause of really rancid dog trumps is people feeding them scraps and leftovers from their own meals. Dogs struggle to digest a lot of human foods, especially those with high fat, sugar or salt content (most dogs are lactose intolerant), so while those eyes may be hard to refuse, stay strong for everyone’s sake.

Even some healthy foods, like certain vegetables, can lead to more and smellier farting – just like grandpa and his Brussel sprouts at Christmas.

Why are dog farts nearly always silent?

When a human farts, the chances of it being silent or audible are like red or black on a roulette wheel – it could go either way. Dogs, however, nearly always produce a ‘silent but violent’ stink bomb. In fact, if a dog does an audible toot, they look more surprised than anyone.

This is because their rectum is horizontal, which means they don’t need as tight a sphincter as us upright creatures. The lack of resistance allows the malodorous missile to enter the atmosphere undetected, reaching its victims as the dog remains innocently quiet.

The serious bit

As mentioned, really stinky or excessive farting can be a sign of a serious or uncomfortable medical issue for your dog. This is why it's so important to get pet insurance – it can pay towards them getting the very best, and potentially expensive, veterinary treatment for the cause of their dodgy butt burps. Click here and we'll find the best pet insurance plans for you and your dog in seconds.